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By demystifying the commercial casting process, our signature program is designed to transform you into a prepared, confident, and consistently booking commercial actor. Scroll down to discover more…

"I just booked two spots back-to-back for IHOP and Walmart :). Looking into how I prep for each audition has helped tremendously and definitely made the process way more enjoyable. Thanks for all the tips, tricks and insights!"

April Fritz

Every Successful Commercial Actor Has These Three Things In Common:

With the right skillset, the right plan, and the right mindset you have the tools to make it long-term in the commercial world as an actor. By discovering your way to these three keys you can transform any nerves, anxiety and confusion slowing you down into the confident, prepared and playful approach needed to be at your best in the room.

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The all new Lawless Academy (based on founder Toby Lawless' 20+ years experience both in front of, and behind the camera) will lead you through every step of the commercial casting and audition process so you'll have what it takes to book more commercials.

Our signature program covers all aspects of commercial technique needed to book — you don’t just discover what to do, but how to do it. 

Whether you’re just getting started, or are auditioning today, get ready for more auditions, more callbacks, and more bookings, so you can have a blast being on set doing what you love to do.

Go from feeling anxious, confused, and uncertain at commercial auditions... 

... to having a step-by-step, proven technique you can follow to feel confident, prepared, and in-control.

"Today, I booked for the first time commercially in LA! It feels great and I cannot thank you enough. I did not think it would work that fast. The best teachers I believe are those that can teach others that whatever they are looking for resides in themselves. And you more than any of my previous teachers were able to unlock that door for me."

Alex Ho

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